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1 Emily Elizabeth Cook    2022-05-08 12:24:40 
2 Wilfred Pearce at Bishops Caundle 1972    2022-04-20 09:18:20 
3 1st Australian General Hospital at Rouen  The band of the 20th Battalion performing near the Administrative Offices, and the main entrance to the 1st Australian General Hospital (1AGH). This band was attached to the 1AGH to entertain the patients and also visited other hospitals for the same purpose. Note the flagstaff carrying the Red Cross flag and Australian flag upon the hospital crossbar. The 1AGH notice board with the electric light to switch on at night when convoys were expected.
2022-04-18 13:37:40 
4 Florence Annie Medlam    2022-04-18 10:52:19 
5     2022-04-18 09:53:55 
6 Broomhill Stone at the 1927 Beating of the Sea Bounds  Robert John Pearce seen as Sergeant-At-Mace during beating of the bounds in 1927  2022-04-10 21:23:52 


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