Poole, Dorset, England



City/Town : Latitude: 50.719412, Longitude: -1.98113


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
201 GRANT, Lillian May  22 Apr 1896Poole, Dorset, England I0559
202 HANCOCK, Alfred  Abt 1854Poole, Dorset, England I0368
203 HANCOCK, Charles  Abt 1859Poole, Dorset, England I0369
204 HANCOCK, James Russel  Abt 1823Poole, Dorset, England I0364
205 HANCOCK, William  Abt 1849Poole, Dorset, England I0367
206 HARRIS, Florence Maud  Abt 1891Poole, Dorset, England I0706
207 HART, Sarah Ann  Poole, Dorset, England I1588
208 HASKELL, Sarah  Poole, Dorset, England I1460
209 HASKINS, Clifford Herbert  Abt 1893Poole, Dorset, England I0918
210 HASKINS, Elsie Maud  31 Dec 1906Poole, Dorset, England I0891
211 HASKINS, Ernest John  1895Poole, Dorset, England I0919
212 HASKINS, Frederick George  17 Nov 1886Poole, Dorset, England I0666
213 HASKINS, Henry George  Abt 1890Poole, Dorset, England I0917
214 HASKINS, Reginald Frank  Abt 1888Poole, Dorset, England I0916
215 HAYES, Sidney Richard John  17 Jun 1912Poole, Dorset, England I0596
216 HICKS, Mabel  Poole, Dorset, England I0604
217 HOLLOWAY, John  1771Poole, Dorset, England I2446
218 HOLLOWAY, Martha Sarah  1864Poole, Dorset, England I0890
219 HUDSON, Phyllis May  01 Apr 1917Poole, Dorset, England I0697
220 HUDSON, Thomas Robert  Abt 1885Poole, Dorset, England I0692
221 HUSBAND, Thomas Henry  Jun 1913Poole, Dorset, England I0575
222 LESTER, Benjamin  1724Poole, Dorset, England I2031
223 LILLINGTON, Ellen Maud M.  11 Dec 1905Poole, Dorset, England I1732
224 LLEWELLYN, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1830Poole, Dorset, England I0360
225 LLEWELLYN, James Robert  04 Jan 1835Poole, Dorset, England I0362
226 LLEWELLYN, Mabel Bessie  27 Jan 1879Poole, Dorset, England I0884
227 LLEWELLYN, Sarah Jane  Abt 1833Poole, Dorset, England I0361
228 LOVELL, William  Abt 1827Poole, Dorset, England I1497
229 MASTERS, Amelia  Oct 1830Poole, Dorset, England I0072
230 MASTERS, Elizabeth  Mar 1818Poole, Dorset, England I0067
231 MASTERS, Helen  Jan 1828Poole, Dorset, England I0071
232 MASTERS, Hester  1777Poole, Dorset, England I0076
233 MASTERS, James  1822Poole, Dorset, England I0069
234 MASTERS, John  1732Poole, Dorset, England I0075
235 MASTERS, John  1782Poole, Dorset, England I0078
236 MASTERS, Mary  1778Poole, Dorset, England I0077
237 MASTERS, Mary Ann  Aug 1819Poole, Dorset, England I0068
238 MASTERTON, John  Jan 1825Poole, Dorset, England I0070
239 MITCHELL, Sarah Ann  Poole, Dorset, England I1696
240 MUNDEN, Eliza Charlotte  Abt 1872Poole, Dorset, England I1607
241 NIPPARD, Lydia Louisa  Jun 1878Poole, Dorset, England I2411
242 PAVEY, Ethel  Poole, Dorset, England I0142
243 PEARCE, Alfred  Abt 1836Poole, Dorset, England I0976
244 PEARCE, Ann  Apr 1798Poole, Dorset, England I0030
245 PEARCE, Anne E  1832Poole, Dorset, England I1120
246 PEARCE, Blanche M  1889Poole, Dorset, England I0973
247 PEARCE, David George  24 May 1933Poole, Dorset, England I0005
248 PEARCE, David William  Jul 1824Poole, Dorset, England I0109
249 PEARCE, Elizabeth  Abt 1831Poole, Dorset, England I1110
250 PEARCE, Elizabeth  1 Nov 1833Poole, Dorset, England I1111

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