Kinson, Dorset, England


Latitude: 50.76946, Longitude: -1.895958


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARTLETT, Maria  Abt 1845Kinson, Dorset, England I0415
2 CHENETT, Eli Thomas  1853Kinson, Dorset, England I1115
3 CHENETT, Eliza Eliza  1858Kinson, Dorset, England I1117
4 CHENETT, Ellen Louisa  1856Kinson, Dorset, England I1116
5 CHENETT, Sarah Jane An  1860Kinson, Dorset, England I1118
6 CHERRETT, Ann  Abt 1822Kinson, Dorset, England I0289
7 CHERRETT, Charles  1796Kinson, Dorset, England I0315
8 CHERRETT, Charles  1828Kinson, Dorset, England I0985
9 CHERRETT, Charlott  1833Kinson, Dorset, England I1113
10 CHERRETT, Eli  Between Jul and Sep 1848Kinson, Dorset, England I0990
11 CHERRETT, Elizabeth  1831Kinson, Dorset, England I0986
12 CHERRETT, John  29 Mar 1824Kinson, Dorset, England I0984
13 CHERRETT, William  1837Kinson, Dorset, England I0988
14 FANCY, Alice  1865Kinson, Dorset, England I0923
15 FANCY, Arthur  1872Kinson, Dorset, England I0396
16 FANCY, Arthur Norman  Between Jan and Mar 1895Kinson, Dorset, England I1125
17 FANCY, Charles  1869Kinson, Dorset, England I1350
18 FANCY, Edward  1868Kinson, Dorset, England I0394
19 FANCY, Elizabeth  1867Kinson, Dorset, England I1349
20 FANCY, Emily  1860Kinson, Dorset, England I0392
21 FANCY, Emma Susan  Abt 1855Kinson, Dorset, England I0389
22 FANCY, James William  1871Kinson, Dorset, England I1351
23 FANCY, Louisa  1862Kinson, Dorset, England I1312
24 FANCY, Lucy  1816Kinson, Dorset, England I0397
25 FANCY, Matilda  Dec 1855Kinson, Dorset, England I0390
26 FANCY, Violet F  1898Kinson, Dorset, England I1124
27 FANCY, Walter  1870Kinson, Dorset, England I0395
28 FANCY, William Frederick  Sep 1857Kinson, Dorset, England I0391
29 FANCY, William Frederick  1866Kinson, Dorset, England I0393
30 GANDER, Job  Abt 1821Kinson, Dorset, England I0334
31 HICKS, Laura  1865Kinson, Dorset, England I1127
32 REGLER, Elizabeth  1798Kinson, Dorset, England I0023
33 RIGLER, Alfred  19 Mar 1867Kinson, Dorset, England I0387
34 RIGLER, Alice  Abt 1878Kinson, Dorset, England I0421
35 RIGLER, Ann  Abt 1839Kinson, Dorset, England I0342
36 RIGLER, Annie  Abt 1875Kinson, Dorset, England I0420
37 RIGLER, Bessie B  Abt 1871Kinson, Dorset, England I0412
38 RIGLER, Caroline  Abt 1840Kinson, Dorset, England I0344
39 RIGLER, Caroline  Abt 1865Kinson, Dorset, England I0407
40 RIGLER, Catherine  Abt 1847Kinson, Dorset, England I0354
41 RIGLER, Charles  Abt 1867Kinson, Dorset, England I0409
42 RIGLER, Charlotte  Abt 1825Kinson, Dorset, England I0335
43 RIGLER, Edgar  Abt 1861Kinson, Dorset, England I0383
44 RIGLER, Edward Barnes  Abt 1826Kinson, Dorset, England I0336
45 RIGLER, Eli David  1847Kinson, Dorset, England I0290
46 RIGLER, Elizabeth Talbot  Abt 1829Kinson, Dorset, England I0337
47 RIGLER, Emily  Abt 1837Kinson, Dorset, England I0341
48 RIGLER, Emily  Abt 1863Kinson, Dorset, England I0405
49 RIGLER, Ethel  Abt 1880Kinson, Dorset, England I0422
50 RIGLER, Fanny  Abt 1866Kinson, Dorset, England I0416

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 RIGLER, Annie  12 Feb 1875Kinson, Dorset, England I0420
2 RIGLER, Caroline  10 Apr 1865Kinson, Dorset, England I0407
3 RIGLER, Frank  13 Dec 1857Kinson, Dorset, England I0427
4 RIGLER, George  08 Aug 1858Kinson, Dorset, England I0404
5 RIGLER, John  24 Jun 1804Kinson, Dorset, England I0320
6 RIGLER, John  02 Oct 1842Kinson, Dorset, England I0351
7 RIGLER, Lucy  20 Oct 1882Kinson, Dorset, England I0423
8 RIGLER, Minnie  27 Dec 1872Kinson, Dorset, England I0419
9 RIGLER, Rhoda Anna  21 Jul 1865Kinson, Dorset, England I0408
10 RIGLER, Sarah  27 Dec 1861Kinson, Dorset, England I0428
11 RIGLER, Sidney  08 Mar 1885Kinson, Dorset, England I0424
12 RIGLER, William  13 Dec 1847Kinson, Dorset, England I0355


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHERRETT, Charles  Between Jul and Sep 1879Kinson, Dorset, England I0315
2 CHERRETT, Eli  Between Apr and Jun 1851Kinson, Dorset, England I0990
3 RIGLER, Arthur George  01 Nov 1976Kinson, Dorset, England I0708
4 RIGLER, Minnie  Abt 1876Kinson, Dorset, England I0419
5 RIGLER, William  15 Oct 1872Kinson, Dorset, England I0330


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 RIGLER, Fanny  09 Mar 1878Kinson, Dorset, England I0416


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 RIGLER, Thomas  19 Jul 1812Kinson, Dorset, England I0288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 FANCY, Gideon  Between Jan and Mar 1898Kinson, Dorset, England I0921


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 UNKNOWN, Peggy  1851Kinson, Dorset, England I2079


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ABAROW, Elizabeth  1851Kinson, Dorset, England I0331
2 ABAROW, Elizabeth  1871Kinson, Dorset, England I0331
3 ANNIE,  1901Kinson, Dorset, England I1128
4 CHERRETT, Charles  1851Kinson, Dorset, England I0315
5 CHERRETT, Eli  1851Kinson, Dorset, England I0990
6 CHERRETT, Elizabeth  1871Kinson, Dorset, England I0986
7 CHERRETT, Elizabeth  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0986
8 CHERRETT, Elizabeth  1891Kinson, Dorset, England I0986
9 CROKER, Sarah  1851Kinson, Dorset, England I0926
10 FANCY, A  1851Kinson, Dorset, England I1123
11 FANCY, Alice  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0923
12 FANCY, Arthur  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0396
13 FANCY, Arthur  1891Kinson, Dorset, England I0396
14 FANCY, Arthur Norman  1901Kinson, Dorset, England I1125
15 FANCY, David  1851Kinson, Dorset, England I0925
16 FANCY, Edward  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0394
17 FANCY, Emily  1871Kinson, Dorset, England I0392
18 FANCY, Emily  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0392
19 FANCY, Gideon  1871Kinson, Dorset, England I0921
20 FANCY, Gideon  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0921
21 FANCY, Gideon  1891Kinson, Dorset, England I0921
22 FANCY, Hilda M  1901Kinson, Dorset, England I1126
23 FANCY, Lucy  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0397
24 FANCY, Lucy  1891Kinson, Dorset, England I0397
25 FANCY, Lucy  1901Kinson, Dorset, England I0397
26 FANCY, M  1851Kinson, Dorset, England I1122
27 FANCY, Susan  1851Kinson, Dorset, England I0920
28 FANCY, Susan  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0924
29 FANCY, Susan  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0924
30 FANCY, Susan  1891Kinson, Dorset, England I0924
31 FANCY, Violet F  1901Kinson, Dorset, England I1124
32 FANCY, Walter  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0395
33 FANCY, Walter  1891Kinson, Dorset, England I0395
34 FANCY, Walter  1901Kinson, Dorset, England I0395
35 FANCY, William Frederick  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0393
36 FANCY, William Frederick  1891Kinson, Dorset, England I0393
37 FANCY, William Frederick  1901Kinson, Dorset, England I0393
38 FANCY, William Henry  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0388
39 FANCY, William Henry  1891Kinson, Dorset, England I0388
40 HICKS, Laura  1901Kinson, Dorset, England I1127
41 PAIN, Louisa  1851Kinson, Dorset, England I0987
42 REGLER, James  1851Kinson, Dorset, England I0163
43 RIGLER, Matilda  1881Kinson, Dorset, England I0338
44 RIGLER, Matilda  1891Kinson, Dorset, England I0338
45 RIGLER, Matilda  1901Kinson, Dorset, England I0338
46 RIGLER, William  1851Kinson, Dorset, England I0330
47 RIGLER, William  1871Kinson, Dorset, England I0330


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cartridge / Skutt  24 Sep 1749Kinson, Dorset, England F637
2 Cherrett / Sweetland  10 Jul 1817Kinson, Dorset, England F091
3 Fancy / Cherrett  Between Jan and Mar 1862Kinson, Dorset, England F324

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