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51 1871 Census - James (48) (baker) Living with wife Charlotte (48) and children William (22) (baker) and Alfred (17) also Elizabeth Kamish (67) Mother at West Street Poole HANCOCK, James Russel (I0364)
52 1871 Census - William(3) is living with his parents William(27)(bricklayer) and Maria(26) and siblings Fanny(6) and Nellie(6 months) at Kinson Dorset

1881 Census - William(13) is listed as being with his Aunt Ann and her husband Samuel Cure(3 doors away) from his parents William(37)(bricklayer and plasterer) and Maria(36) and siblings Nellie(10), Annie(6), Alice(3), Ethel(10 months) at Kinson Dorset - (Next door to Samuel Cure is Edward (William's uncle) and his wife Christiana)

1891 Census - William(23)(master baker) living with his wife Elizabeth(25) at Victoria Road Christchurch

1901 Census - William(33)baker and corn dealer)(employer - working from home) living with his wife Elizabeth(35) and daughetr Elsie(9) and Ada Walley(22)(mother's help - domestic) at Gordon House, Victoria Place Christchurch 
RIGLER, William (I0417)
53 1871 Census John is a scholar aged 10 at 44 Camden Street Glasgow

1883 John is a Tinsmith Journeyman

1883 He lives at 295 South York Street Glasgow 
RAE, John Hallyburton (I0036)
54 1871 Census Joseph(16)(tailor) is liviong with his parents James(56)(labourer) and Esther(47)(green grocer) and siblings Katherine A(9), Margaret A(11) and William(5) at Weelington Street, Douglas Isle of Man.

1881 Census - Joseph does not appear - Isabella(28)(married) is living with children Gertrude(1), Minnie(7), William P(4) and Mary Irving(45)(mother)(no occupation) at 2 Court House, Crooked Lane Liverpool, Lancashire

1891 Census - Joseph(37)(labourer) is living with his wife Isabella(38)(laundress) and children Minnie(17), William(14)(shop boy), Isabella(9), Gertrude(12), Mary(5) and Edith(1) at 86 South Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool

1901 Census - Joseph(48)(laundry proprietor) is living with his wife Isabella(49)(assistant in Laundry) and children Edith(10), Gertrude(21)(assistant in laundry), Isabella(19)(assistant in laundry) and Joseph(7) at 86 Laundry. Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire 
CHRISTIAN, Joseph (I0133)
55 1871 Census Mary(13)(servant) in the house of Samuel and Mary Williams of Portisham, Dorset BEST, Mary A (I0466)
56 1881 Census - Fanny(1) living with her parents Edward(gardnerin domestic service) & Sarah and her sister Annie J(3) and her uncle William H Nicholas (under gardner in domestic service) at the Cottage, Waterloo, Hampshire HODKINSON, Fanny (I0555)
57 1881 Census - Maria(76) is living with her husband George Brown ( 74) and grand daughter Loisa Fall (19) in Poole MARIA, (I0900)
58 1881 Census - Robert(53)(waiter in domestic service) living with his wife Isabella(35) and children RobertD(26)(barristers clerk) and Francis Henry J(1), Samuel G(1), and Charles Rigler(13) at 131 Lillington Street, St John the Evangelist, Lonson

1891 Census - Robert(63)(handyman) living with his wife Isabella(45)(laundress) and children Charles Rigler(23)(stone grinder), Francis(11), Smauel(10,and Henry(7), also servant Frances Bisley(18)(assitant in laundry) at 46 Shpherds Lane, Battersea, London 
BOLTON, Robert (I0429)
59 1881 Census - Susan A(4) is living with her parents Eli(34)(mariner) and Emily(37)(laundress) and siblings Albert C(8), Emily E (6), Alice J(1) and Emily Bragg(13)(neice) in Nile Row, Poole St James

1891 Census - Susan A(14) is living with her mother Emily(48)(laundress) and and siblings Albert(18)(bricklayer's apprentice), Emily(16)(dressmaker's apprentice), Alice(11), and Flora J(9) in Nile Row Poole St James

1901 Census - Susan A(24) is living with her husband Bertram(23)(hook hawker) and children Bertram A(4), Ronald(3) and Archibald(7 weeks) at 3 Nile Row, Poole St James 
RIGLER, Susan Ann (I0548)
60 1881 Census - Tom(2) living with his parents Tom(29) and Louisa(29) both recorded as "Beer House Keepers" of the Black Horse Inn, East Street Poole Dorset. Also recorded are Ann Davis(76)(mother of Tom), and siblings George (aged 6) Henry(aged 4 yrs) Along with a lodger James Weekes - a widower - a butcher - born in East Lulworth about 1826.

1891 Census -(11) living with his parents Tom(39) Inn keeper and Louisa(39) and siblings George(16)(Turner's apprentice),Henry(14), Elsie(9), Nellie(7) and Ann Davis(widow)(86) living at the Lamb & Flag and John Brown(lodger)(Mariner)(32)

1901 Census - no record as Tom joined the Royal Navy Reserve on the 29th of November 1898 - working on the "Plassy" from England to India. Date of discharge from the Royal Navy Reserve 25th November 1908 - Henry also served on this ship. 
DAVIS, Tom (I0590)
61 1881 Census George is living with his wife Maria (76) and granddaughter Louisa Fall (19) at Providence Row West Street Poole. BROWN, George (I0899)
62 1881 Census indicates William Rigler a nephew staying with Ann and Samuel Cure. Age and birthplace match Ann Rigler RIGLER, Ann (I0342)
63 1881 census records him as a 'Mariner'. of Barques Rd, St Sampson. In 1891 he was a quarrymaster in St Sampson FANSHAW, Charles Edgar (I0830)
64 1883 James is an Engine work labourer ORR, James (I0437)
65 1883 Matilda is a cotton winder ORR, Matilda Richardson (I0037)
66 1891 Census - Agnes(3) living with her parents James Eyers(35)(chimney sweeper) and Alice(35) at 7 Queen Street Poole St James AYRES, Agnes R (I0651)
67 1891 Census - Frederick (32) (T....Spinner) living with his wife Emily(30) and children Frederick George (5) Reginald Frank (3) and Henry G(1) at 4 Magdale Terrace, Green Road St James Poole

1901 Census - Frederick (39) (Rope maker) living with his wife Emily

Family emigrated to Canada in 1914 
HASKINS, Frederick George (I0666)
68 1891 Census - George (53) living with his wife Susan (46) at Green Road Poole

George was a mariner 
FOOT, George William (I0363)
69 1891 Census Edith Living with an uncle Samuel Real in Poole BURGESS, Edith (I0478)
70 1891 Census Harriet(68) (retired Landress) (widow)(Head) living with Jasper Gibbs (40) Nephew(bricklayer) and Elizabeth Gibbs(38) Neice and Charlotte Gibbs(19), Mary A Gibbs (11)(neice), Kate A Gibbs (8) (neice) and Frederick W Gibbs (5)(nephew) at Kinson
RIGLER, Harriet (I0333)
71 1891 Census Maurice(7) living with parents Jess(30)(fisherman) and Hannah(30) and brothers and sisters and uncle John(26)(fisherman) at Taylors Buildings Poole BAKER, Maurice (I0468)
72 1891 Census Wilfred(4 months) living with parents Henry(29)ag lab) and Gennie(37) at Wimborne Road, Canford

1901 Census Wilfred(9) living with his parents Henry(40)Drayman for coal company) and Gennie(37) and brothers and sisters at West Quay Road Poole 
DAVIS, Wilfred (I0472)
73 1901 Census - Albert(19) was a carpenter living with his parents at Darley Dale RIGLER, Albert Henry (I0584)
74 1901 Census - Gertrude(17) and a dressmaker living with her parents at Darley Dale

Gertrude's parents did not approve of the marrying Tom Davis (the Davis family were publicans!) 
RIGLER, Gertrude Alice (I0319)
75 1901 Census - Hannah(67)(widow)(head) (plain needlework- own account at home) also living with her Edwin G Percy(21) boarder) (accounts clerk) at 68 Shelley Road, Bournemouth RIGLER, Hannah Barnes (I0339)
76 1901 Census - Matilda (70)(widow)(retired laundress) living with her daughter Lucy (25)(laundry maid) at East Howe Dorset RIGLER, Matilda (I0338)
77 1901 Census - Rose(21) (house servant) working for Charles Carter (tile manufacturer) and his wife Annie at Belle Vue, Seldown Road, Parkstone Poole
CUTLER, Rose (I0577)
78 1901 Census - Susan (56) widow living on her own means at 87 Green Road Poole. Also Walter Norris (35) builder and joiner at the same address RIGLER, Susan (I0295)
79 1a Bronchopneumonia
b Cerebellar Degeneration 
BUDGELL, Herbert George (I1374)
80 1a Bronchopneumonia
1b Measles 
RAE, Alan John (I0956)
81 4a 258 RAE, John Hallyburton (I0036)
82 5a 731 Family: PEARCE, Hubert William / MONTAGUE, Alice M (F406)
83 ? Amy Lester Garland GARLAND, Amy Isler (I2183)
84 ? death 5a 205 1897 Poole ANDERSON, Mary Ann (I0016)
85 ? next door to a William Cartridge and Sarah Cartridge aged 70 and a Robert Cartidge aged 30 CARTRIDGE, James (I0287)
86 ? spelling of Lartten HASKINS, George (I0893)
87 ? took the surname of Lester-Garland to continue the name of Garland LESTER, Lester Vallis (I2191)
88 A plumber in partnership with his brother

1951 William left his wife Constance and moved in with Mrs Green (a young widow) - she called herself Rigler 
RIGLER, William George (I0479)
89 A twin of Francis Penton Garland GARLAND, Joseph Gulston (I2041)
90 A twin of Joseph Gulston Garland GARLAND, Francis Penton (I2042)
91 A visitor CASSON, Mary (I0106)
92 According to Dave Edmunds Robert McClean was not her father CARTRIDGE, Margaret Ivy (I1926)
93 after he was baptised?? RIGLER, Frederick James (I0294)
94 Aged 17 NB Mother listed as Frances Matilda RAE, John Charles (I0032)
95 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I0615)
96 Albert is a boarder BUDGELL, Albert Edward (I1391)
97 Alcohol problem READ, William Henry (I0965)
98 Almost certainly Groom to a Mr Thomas Messiter of Barwick House (next door to the Budgells) who is listed as a "Barrister - not in actual practice". Apart from a butler and a cook Mr Messiter also had a coachman.

Extract from Wikipedia regarding Barwick: Note Messiter
Barwick Park

The estate had originally formed part of the property of Syon Abbey, and passed through various hands after the Dissolution in the 1530s. The present house and park are thought to have been built in 1770 by John and Grace Newman, whose relations owned neighbouring Newton Surmaville.

The house was set in pleasure grounds containing a lake and grotto, while the surrounding parkland was ornamented with a gothic lodge and a group of four follies. In the early 1800s the estate passed to a Yeovil glove manufacturer, George Messiter,and in 1830 the mansion was remodelled in a Jacobean Revival style. An orangery was constructed adjoining the north side at the same period. During the early 1900s the estate again passed through several hands, and for a period in the mid 1950s the mansion was used as an approved school. During World War II, it was the location of a Prisoner of War camp, initially housing Italian prisoners from the Western Desert Campaign, and later German prisoners post the Battle of Normandy.

In the 1990s the estate was sold to a private owner, and substantial repairs were carried out to the House, orangery, and landscape structures. The site remains in private ownership

Barwick Park Follies

Barwick Park boasts four follies. Bought by South Somerset District Council for a nominal ú5 when the estate was sold in the early 1990s, these extraordinary follies are something of a mystery. Locals say they were built to give the estate labourers work during a time of depression during the 1820s. They were possibly commissioned by George Messiter of Barwick to mark the park boundaries at the four cardinal points. Jack the Treacle Eater to the east, the Fish Tower in the north, Messiter's Cone (also known as the Rose Tower) at the west end and the Needle to the south. However, paintings of Barwick house in the 1780s, forty years earlier, include two of the follies 
BUDGELL, Levi (I1397)
99 Alone (but next door to the Regler Family) PEARCE, Mary Ann (I0104)
100 Also known as Regler SCOTT, Mary (I0346)

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