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101 Also known as Regler SCOTT, Mary (I0346)
102 Also Sherbourne SHARBAND, Philip (I2000)
103 also spelt joan or jane keat or kett KEAT, Jane (I2115)
104 Ann Mitchener is named as mother in law in Elizabeth and Charles census in 1881
But is noted as Mary in census of 1841 
ANN, (I1034)
105 Apparently he was deaf and dumb. Known in the family as "Dummy" CARTRIDGE, William Ashley (I1723)
106 Appears illiterate in 1883 when signing her daughters birth certificate (X) only  HAMS, Sarah Jane (I2350)
107 Arthur married under his mother's maiden name of Haswell and Gladys retained her maiden name of Pearce. Family F769
108 As Cartridge EGG, Frederick William C. C. (I1635)
109 as Sarah Egg EGG, Sarah (I1604)
110 At marriage Andrew was residing at Knocken and Mary at Kerse Family F383
111 At the home of Fred & Annie Haskins Family F257
112 Author of novels and poetry. Frequently on the subject of the area best known to him of Dorset. Many of his novels included names of local places which had been altered for dramatic effect. e.g. Dorchester was Barchester and Weymouth became Budmouth Regis. HARDY, Thomas (I2065)
113 Baptism BTs Poole LDS ref 1239221 PEARCE, David William (I0109)
114 Became a taxi driver RIGLER, Robert Henry George (I0619)
115 Bertram was a "sugar boiler" DOUGLAS, Bertram (I0549)
116 Bessie Rose never married and lived for many years at 100 Green Road Poole with her sister Winifred Ann RIGLER, Bessie Rose (I0465)
117 birth 3rd quarter 1907 CHAPMAN, William George (I2337)
118 Birth registered 1st Qtr 1869 - Poole ref. 5a 300 CARTRIDGE, Mary Jane (I1543)
119 BMD - Edward Barnes Rigler married Fanny Saunders. The Census states his wife as Deborah B Family F106
120 Born Alan John Rae but died Allan John Rae on certificates RAE, Alan John (I0956)
121 Built 1743. Church was opposite Roper Gardens. Demolished 1947 as structurally unsafe. Now site of Trinity Gardens (Source BBC Cumbria web site) Family F035
122 Buried along with his wife at Longfleet church RIGLER, Frederick Charles (I0567)
123 By Banns
Witnessed by William Bolly, William Harcourt 
Family F665
124 Called Catherine EGG, Kate Elizabeth (I1605)
125 Called Kate Egg Cartridge EGG, Kate Elizabeth (I1605)
126 Cause of death
Ia Myocardial degeneration
Ib Arteriosclerosis
II Hemiplegia 
TURNER, Elizabeth (I1403)
127 Cause of death Morbus Cordis (diseased heart) WORT, Susanna (I1398)
128 Cemetery section F.14
Grave Number C/R52781 
RAE, Charles Orr (I0034)
129 Census 1871 At home with Father Andrew and sibs Andrew Robert John and Servant Janet Braidwood RAE, Janet Wilkie (I0048)
130 Census 1901 Living at 28 Henly Sreet London

Source death = Mark Milum 
BISLEY, Frances Maud (I0540)
131 Census 1901 Living at 28 Henly Sreet London

Source Mark Milum 
RIGLER, Charles Drake (I0431)
132 Census of 1891 states birthplace as being Walworth (next door to Bermondsey) CHAPMAN, Godfrey Charles (I2293)
133 Census records 1861 to 1901 under parents RIGLER, Horace (I0410)
134 Cerebral apoplexy aged 32 (at home with wife present) CHAPMAN, William Henry (I2340)
135 Changed name by deed poll from Edgar Henry Rigler RIGLER, Anthony Edgar Henry (I1146)
136 Changed name to Lester Lester for Grandfather on December 8th 1854 to satisfy the latter's inheritance demands. GARLAND/LESTER, Lester (I2187)
137 changed name under rules of Grandfather's will to Benjamin Lester Lester in 1805 GARLAND, Benjamin Lester (I2037)
138 Changed surname to Cartridge due to incorrect spelling of Haig EGG, Frederick William C. C. (I1635)
139 Changed Surname to Lester on December 23 1853 to satisfy his father's will request. GARLAND/LESTER, John Bingley (I2038)
140 data from Hazel on Genes reunited Source Unknown CARTRIDGE, William (I1373)
141 Date found for marriage of a Christian Knight at Blandford ? age or spouse Family F373
142 Death informed by W J Pearce (Son in law) on 1/3/1955Refuge Assurance paid out ú7 and 7 shillings on policy 42484232 Code 7810Refuge Assurance paid out ú11 14 shillings on policy 53213461 Code 7810
He had alcohol problems. Divorced when Molly was a small girl. She told her friends that her father was a night watchman and so slept during during the day.He had a cleft lip/palate and so grew a moustache to hide it.
He worked as a moulder of clay and walked from London to Poole get a job. 
READ, William Thomas (I0051)
143 death see will of husband WISE, Ann (I1493)
144 Dec Qtr 1893 - ref. 5a 258 CARTRIDGE, Honor Ashley Phippard (I1672)
145 Dec qtr 1903 ref 5a 243
Nickname "Ginny cocktail" 
CARTRIDGE, Daisy Ashley Phippard (I1844)
146 Deputy Coroner found cause of death to be due to a cough and spitting blood DICKINSON, Joseph (I0121)
147 details need confirmation ANDERSON, William (I0103)
148 Developed severe arthritis in later life and her daughter Kath cared for her at their home at 23 Coles Avenue in Hamworthy. She would need to be physically lifted up the stairs to bed at the end of the day.
When she went out she used a three wheeled bath chair. Her son Len had been known to take her in the chair from Hamworthy to Sandbanks and back for the day. 
WHITE, Rose Elizabeth (I0014)
149 Died "Hancock Alley" Poole
Death certificate reads "of natural decay" Registered 15th Jan by Jane Whicker of Hancock Alley 
UNKNOWN, Mary (I0162)
150 Died as a child riding a bicycle in King Street Poole - He collided with a horse and cart. RIGLER, George John (I0481)

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