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Letter written by an unknown person after 1755 Re: Dorset

John Masters

John Masters was born at Scilly Cove in Newfoundland in 1687 or 1688. His father was John Masters a Newfoundland planter - about Michael Mass 1697 brought his Wife, son John and 4 daughters the youngest Mary about 8 months old to Poole and bought a low old house the upped End of High Street and setled his wife and children there - Mary the youngest child was baptised after they came to Poole on Feb 7 1698 vide the Register - John Masters the Father returned to Silly Cove in Newfoundland again in the Spring 1698 and was murthered there by the Indian* in 1699 - but whilst he was at Poole he put his son John to Wimborne School which was in the Summer 1698 - he was then about 10 years old. _ Mirs. Masters to support the expence of Life set up an Ale house the sign of the red cow n a low mwan way - when her son was turned of 13 years old she put him prentice to William Taverner of Poole a master of a ship in the Newfoundland Trade who was a remarkable man. - at the End of his time he went mate and after that Newfoundland planter and about the year 1715 got to be Master of a small snow out of Bristoll about 60 Tons called the Froome - he used the fishing Trade at St. John in Newfoundland - I was there in 1716 he was then at St. Johns Master of the Froome - he was a fine figure of a man - only wanted polishing - I was frequently in his Company - he was then very Industrious split all his shore fish and I thought worked rather too much - he suceeded in Trade and fishing and got wealth but as I left voyaging in 1720 I never saw J. Masters till the Autum 1733 - when he came home passinger in a small sloop of mine of 40 Tons only from St. Johns in Newfoundland to London - for which favor he waited on me and returned me thanks and renewed our former Acquaintance - I had always a young look - says Mr. Masters to me you look as young now as you did when I first saw you that is 17 years since. I said I was born in 1698 and was 18 years old then - he replied I thought you had been oldeer I was born the Revolution year at Silly Cove so I was a fisherman and a Wigg and I was put to school in 1698 at Wimborne. - he returned to Newoundland in the spring 1734 and continued to carry trade at St. Johns - shipped of great quantities of fishh on Commission and his own Account - In or about the year 1740 he married his Master Taverners daughter Sarah - a well behaved woman - took a house at Greenwich and wholly resided there - he took a partner one Michael Ballard who carried the business in Newfoundlandd in the Winter .1740. Mr. William Taverner called on me and said his son in law John Masters was groan Rich and had some thoughts of offering himself a Candidate for Poole at the next Election - and said he had heard I had some thoughts of the Borrough - I knew Taverner did not want for Cunning whatever he stood in need of so I was on my guard - only said Mr. Masters must make hos way to Sir. R. W. which I thought he might easily do as he knew all the Commodores etc. - no sais Taverner that Interest wont do. I have tryed it - for my son and Mr. Keen are not on good Terms. they have had many disputes and Keen is cunning enough to keep in with the Commodores - Taverner wrote J. White as Mr. White told me but all would not do so it was dropped till 1747. - but Mr. Masters rebuilt the old red Cow- - his Mother formerly lived in in High Street - about 1745 -the latter End of 1746 it was finished and remove from Greenwich thither after buying a Second hand Chariot of Woodstock the stablekeeper at Greenwich - the house he told me should only cost L600 - hw owned afterwards it cost him L1500. in the Spring 1747 I met Mr. Masters at Change and after at Lloyds Coffee House - and I told him if he thought of a seat in Parliament and I told Mr. Missing had no thoughts of standing again. His answer wasthis that he would never attempt such a thing for he had no Landed Estate and had no thoughts of purchasing - and to borrow a qualification he did not approve of and said if you have any thoughts that way I will do you all the service I can and I make no doubt but youl succeed - I frankly declared I had no such thoughts or intentions - soon after not more than 10 days he weent to Poole and so soon as it was kown the Parliament was to be disssolved at the End of the 6th session then sitting. He ws prevailed on to offer Himself a Candidate for Poole and wrote me a letter ( a copy of which incert here) which I did not think proper answer as it contradicted what he had so very lately - he tryed every Burgess and spent some L6 or L700 I think much more - but he was convinced no such step would do without a Ministerial Interest which he could not come at. Then byway of resentment he got an interest with the Burgesses and was chosen Mayor in 1748 - before he had served the Junior Offices According to an Ancient Custom - he and his party made upwards of 60 Burgesses to support his Interest - but the Major part of the Aldmen would not bring on Aaron Durell on the Nomination for Mayor - so another outrage was Committed and on Durells saying in the Hall he offered himself a Candidate for Mayor Masters and his picked Burgesses voted him into that office and Masters swore him in accordingly - which ilegal proceeding Occassioned a Law suit and made much Ill-nature - In 1754 was another choice but he then fell in with the Ministry dropped all Opposition and aimed to be the head of the Ministerial party - and voted for Sir. R. Lyttleton he died at Nr. Cracrafts an Attorney in Philpot Lane London June 20 1755? - and was brought to Poole and buied

*[TC Note - These were Abenaki Indians, not the Beothucks] 
MASTERS, John (I0080)
2 2.30 p.m. HUSTLER, Iris (I1814)
3 Poole 5a 685 Gladys noted as "Egg or Cartridge" Family: CARTRIDGE, Richard Phippard / EGG, Sarah (F737)
4 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I0613)
5 "living in Canada" BUNDY, Peggy (I0750)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I0754)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I0188)
8 (as Cartryte) CARTRIDGE, Illegible (I1665)
9 (as Rosie Cartridge) Family: EDWARDS, Charles / (F511)
10 (Died same day as wife) PEARCE, William (I0022)
11 (Estimated DOB 1817)
Cause of death "Morbus Cordis" Literally = Heart disorder. 
BUDGELL, Levi (I1397)
12 (In a field) DICKINSON, Joseph (I0121)
13 (possible 2nd marriage to Ernest Edenden??) Family: HUNT, Edward William / CARTRIDGE, Alice (F425)
14 (Private ceremony) DICKINSON, Joseph (I0121)
15 (same day as husband) REGLER, Elizabeth (I0023)
16 (with brother) HASKINS, Frederick (I0667)
17 (with brother) HASKINS, James (I0892)
18 (with John Bond) MILLS, Emily (I1544)
19 (with John Minton & family) CARTRIDGE, Charlotte (I1465)
20 (with Joseph and Elizabeth Cartridge) CARTRIDGE, Frances (I2024)
21 (with wife and mother-in-law Frances Coates) CARTRIDGE, Joseph (I2004)
22 1841 Census - Ann (20) is a servant at West Howe CHERRETT, Ann (I0289)
23 1841 Census - James (70) (ag lab) Living with Mary (70) at Howe, in the Parish of Great Canford in the Chapelry of Kinson

1851 Census James (83) and his wife Mary (80) lived in the Tything of Kinson. Both paupers

Died at "Old Orchard" His death registered on the 19th Jan 1858 by Elizabeth Anderson of strand Street - Described as" farm labourer - died of old age"

The following is an exerpt from a letter received by Max Rigler from David Greenham who was researching his wife's family tree. (Sarah Rigler (daughter of James and Mary) married William Lewellin....

"My wife's great great grandparents James and Mary Rigler must have been your ancesters too........ The three children John, Sarah and Thomas were all baptised in the Chapelry of Kingston (Kinson) in the Praish of Great Canford on the 24th of June 1804, 14th Dec 1806 and 19th Jan 1812 respectively, also that the 1851 census return of Kinson shows that living at 36 East Howe were James Rigler aged 83 born Cranbourne Dorset, now a pauper and his wife Mary Rigler, aged 80 born at Christchurch............ (he) guesses that James and Mary were married at Christchurch Priory. It seems likely that after their marriage they lived for a long time at Kinson, for they were there in 1804, 1806 and 1812 and 1851, but Mary Rigler died on 11th Jan 1852 (aged 82) at Hancock Alley, Poole and James on 29th Dec 1857 (aged 91 at Old Orchard Poole. 
REGLER, James (I0163)
24 1841 Census Agness (9) is living with father, John Halyburton Jur (38), Mother Janet Halyburton (35), brother James Halyburton (6), Brother George Halyburton (1) sister Helen Halyburton (3) ans brother John Halyburton (13) HALYBURTON, Agness (I0439)
25 1841 shown as jane hayer living in grasmere aged 4 living with isaac pattinson a28 and john dixon a13 1851 servant at the rectory in grasmere with mary hayes a37 b1814 ambleside and john hayes a53 b1798 staveley. mary and john poss siblings 1861-71 living in Church street egremont 1881 living at high mile egremont 1891 living at 44 east road egremont - have visited here. 1901 living at 76 main road egremont which i dont think is still standing. have found 73 and 82 but nothing in between HAYES, Jane (I0246)
26 1842 Noted to be a labourer on Isabella's birth certificate (daughter)

1861 Census - John (50) (ag lab) living with wife Celia (48) and children Lydia (24), Isabella (21), James(18), Kitty (14), and John (10) at Woodlands, East Howe, Kinson, Dorset

1871 Census - John (69)(labourer) living with wife Celia(60) (laundress) and William (7) (grandson), Henry (5) (grandson) in Kinson Dorset 
RIGLER, John (I0320)
27 1851 Census - Edward (25) (ag lab) living with his wife Christian (28)and children Harriet (1), William Edward (3) and Sophia (5) at East Howe Kinson Dorset

1861 Census - Edward (35) (ab lab) living with his wife Christan (38) and children Sophia (15), William Edward (3) and Sophia (5) at East Hoswe Kinson Dorset

1871 Census - Edward (45) (labourer) living with his wife Christian (47) (laundress) and children Sophia (25), Francis (18) (labourer) , Henry (7), Kate (3) Walter (3 months), at East Howe Canford Dorset. (Edwards parents are living next door)

1881 Census - Edward (retired labourer) living with his wife Christain (58) at Ashley Cottage Kinson (his youngest bother William lives 4 doors away)

1891 Census - Edward (65) (Retired labourer) living with his second wife Deborah B (57) at 46 Plamerston Road Christchurch

1901 Census - Edward (75) (widower)(living on own means) at 3 Tower Road Bournemouth. (living next door to son Edgar (40) and his wife Alice) 
RIGLER, Edward Barnes (I0336)
28 1851 Census - George(15) Living with his parents William (51)(land....) and Betsy(49) and siblings Ann (12) and William(7) Also Willaim Hancock(grandson)(2) in Kinson Dorset

1861 Census - George(25)(bricklayer's journeyman) living with his wife Mary(25) and child George(11m) and Emma Kirley(23)(sister of Mary) at East Howe Canford Dorset

1871 Census - George(35)(bricklayer) living with his wife Mary Ann(45) and children Emily(18), Charles(14), Horace(3), Owen S(1) and Bessie B (5m) at Woodlands Kinson, Dorset

1881 Census - George(45)(bricklayer) living with his wife Mary Ann(45) and children Emily(18), Charles(14), Horace(13), Bessie B(10), Ross S(8), at Headless Cross Lane Kinson Dorset

1891 Census - Geroge(55)(Dealer) living with second wife Sarah Jane(40) and Horace(23)(bricklayers labourer) and ALfred B Dacombe(10) (step son to George) at Kinson Dorset

1901 Census - George(65)(market gardener- own account) living with his wife Sarah(50) and Horace(32)(brichlayer's labourer) and Bessie(3)(granddaughter) at East Howe Kinson Dorset 
RIGLER, George (I0340)
29 1851 Census - Sarah (41)(mariners wife) living with her children Sarah (17)(milliner), James (15) (Grocers shopman) at 15 Sandy Lane Longfleet Poole
REGLER, Sarah (I0318)
30 1851 Census - William(7) is living with his parents William(51)(land.....) and Betsy(49) and siblings George(15), Ann(12), also William Hancock(grandson)(2) in Konson Dorset

1861 Census - William(17)(bricklayer) is living with his parents William(62)(landed property) and Betsy(59) at East Howe Canford Dorset

1871 Census - William(27)Bricklayer) is living with his wife Maria(26) and children Fanny(5), William(3), and Nellie(6m) at Kinson Dorset

1881 Census - William(37)(Bricklayer and plasterer) is living with his wife Maria(36) and children Nellie(10), Annie(6), Alice(3), Ethel(10m)at Kinson Dorset. their son William(13) is listed as being with his Aunt Ann and her husband Samuel Cure(3 door away) (next door to Samual Cure is Edward (Williams brother) and his wife Christiana.

1891 Census - William(47)(Builder and contractor) is living with his wife Maria(46)and children Nellie(20), Annie(16), Ethel(10), Lucy(7), Sidney(6), Elizabeth(4), and Alice(1) at Ardock Cottages Shelley Road Christchurch.

1901 Census - William(57)(bricklayer) is living with his wife Maria(56) and children Ethel(20)(dressmaker- own account at home), Lucy(18)(dressmaker - worker), Sidney(16)(brickmakers labourer), Elizabeth(14)(dressmaker- worker), at 94 Haviland Road, Pokesdown, Bournemouth 
RIGLER, William (I0345)
31 1851 Census -(Regler) shows Thomas (37) (mariner) and wife Ann (28) daughter Susan (6), Eli (4), Thomas (1) living at Old Orchard

1861 Census - (Regler) shows Thomas (37) (mariner) and wife Ann (38) and children Eli (14) (stonemason boy), Thomas (12) (grocers errand boy) Elizabeth (9), Robert (7), Frederick (2), Susan (16)(servant) living at Sandy Lane, Longfleet. A Thomas Rigler also appears listed on board a ship (not named) (Thames Kent) as a"married" "mate" from Poole Dorset

1862/63 Thomas was the mate on a ship called "Harmony" - it was registered in Poole in 1850 and weighed 50 tons. It was owned by J Bloomsfield and the master was J Coombs - The ship traded bewtween Poole and Paorthcawl with clay,corn, coals and general goods. During 1863 his son Eli David was the ships boy.

1871 Census - (Regler) - shows Ann (48) (head of household) (wife of seaman - merchant service- husband at sea) Thomas (22) (bricklayers journeyman), Robert (17)(bricklayers labourer), Frederick (12) (Bricklayers labourer), Albert (9) and John (7) living at Barbers Piles, St Jmaes Poole

1881 Census - Shows Thomas (67) (bricklayers labourer) and Ann living at West Street, Poole St James, Sons Frederick (23) and John (17) "bricklayers" Frederick's wife Emma (20) was also living in West Street with them. 
RIGLER, Thomas (I0288)
32 1851 Census George (11) is living with his Father HALYBURTON, George Gray (I0436)
33 1851 census William (51) land....) living wit his wife Betsy (49) and children George (15), Ann (12) and William (7) also William Hancock (grandson) (2) in Kinson Dorset

1861 Census Willaim (62) (Landed Proprietor) living with his wife Betsy (59) and son William (17) (bricklayer) at East Howe, Canford, Dorset (Edward is living next door)

1871 Census - William (71) annuiant) living with his wife Betsy (65) at Woodlands, Kinson Dorset

William married Elizabeth Barnes (????) and became a Landed Proprietor between East Howe and Kinson 
RIGLER, William (I0330)
34 1861 Census (REGLAR) Frederick(2) living with his parents Thomas(47)(Mariner) and Ann(38) and siblings Eli(14)(stonemason boy), Thomas(12)(grocers errand boy), Elizabeth(9),Robert(7), Susan(16)(servant) living at Sandy Lane Longfleet. A Thomas Rigler also appears on board a ship (not named)(thams Kent) as a "married" "mate" from Poole Dorset.

1871 Census (REGLER) Frederick(12) (Bricklayers labourer)living with his mother - Ann(48)(head of household)(wife of seaman - merchant service- husband at sea) and siblings Thomas(22)(bricklayers journeyman) Robert(17)(bricklayers labourer), Albert(9) and John(7) living at Barbers Piles, St James Poole

1881 Census Frederick (23)(bricklayer) and his wife Emma(20) were living with his parents Thomas(67)(bricklayers labourer) and Ann and brother John(17)(bricklayer) at West Street Poole

1891 Census Frederick(34) (bricklayer) was living with his wife Emma(29) and children Frederick(9), Reginald(7), Mary(5), Robert(3), Charles(1) at ......Cottages, ........Road, Dorset

1901 Census - Frederick(44)(bricklayer) was living with his wife Emma(40)and children Frederick(19)(bricklayer), Reginald(17)(house painter), Mary(15), Charles(11), Lizzie(9), Arthur(7), Lily(5), Winifred(4), William(1), Emma(1month) at 29 Heckford Road Longfleet Poole 
RIGLER, Frederick James (I0294)
35 1861 Census (REGLAR) Robert (7) is living with his parents Thomas (47)(Mariner) and Ann (38) and siblings Eli (14 (Stonemason boy), Thomas (12)(Grocers errand boy) Elizabeth(9), Frederick(2), Susan(16)9Servant) living at Sandy Lane, Lonfleet. A Thomas Rigler also appears listed on board a ship (not named) (thames Kent) as a "married" "mate" from Poole Dorset.

1871 Census (REGLER) Robert(17)(bricklayers labourer) living with his mother Ann(48)(head of household) (wife od seaman - merchant service - husband at sea), and siblings Thomas (22) (bricklayers jouneyman) Frederick(12)(bricklayers labourer), Alberts(9) and John(7) living at Barbers Piles, St James Poole

1881 Census Robert(27) (bricklayer) living with his wife Matilda(24) and children Robert(5), George(3), and Emily(7 months) at Old Orchard, St James Poole.

1891 Census- Robert(35)(Bricklayer) living with his wife Matilda(38) and children Robert(15)(carpenters apprentice), George A(13), Emily(10), Frances(5), Ernest(4), Isabell(1) at 10..........Buildings, Poole

1901 Census Robert(48)(Bricklayer) living with his wife Matilda(46) and children Ernest(15)(pottery tile sorter), Alice(10), Thomas(6) and Hilda(3) at 22 Avenue Place, St James Poole

He shares a grave with his wife at Poole Cemetary 
RIGLER, Robert William (I0293)
36 1861 Census - Albert (3m) is living with his parents Edward (35) (ab lab) and Christiana (38) and siblings Sophia (15), William Edward (13), Harriet (10), Francis (8), Henry (7), Kate (3), Walter (2) at East Howe Canford Dorset (Edwards parents are living next door)

1891 Census - Albert (36)(plasterer) is living with his brother Wlater(32)(coal and corn dealer) and his wife Mary J (36) and thier children Sophia (10), Harriet A(8), Walter (6), Alfred (4), Francis(2) and Linian (1) and Lucy Cotts (16) (Servant) at Palmerston Road Christchurch

1893 Albert Edgar Rigler married Emma Mary Woolridge/Alice Lipscombe in March q1893 at Christchurch (2b879)
RIGLER, Albert (I0382)
37 1861 Census - Edgar (20) (Boarder)(plasterer) is living with his brother Walter (22) (coal merchant) and his wife Mary J (26) and child Sophia (2m) and Henry Rigler (27)(lodger)(tranter) at Palmerston Road Christchurch

1901 Census - Edgar(40) (plasterer) living with his wife Alice (40) at 5 Tower Road Bournemouth (Edgar's father lives next door) 
RIGLER, Edgar (I0383)
38 1861 Census - Henry (7) is living with his parents Edward (35) (ab lab) and Christiana (38) and siblings Sophia (15), william Edward (13), Harriet (10), Francis (8), Kate (3), Walter (2), Albert (3m) at East Howe, Canford Dorset (Edwards parents are living next door)

1871 Census - Henry (17) (labourer) is living with his parents Edward ((45)(labourer) and Christiana (47) (laundress) and siblings Sophia (25), Francis (18), (labourer), Kate (13), Walter (12), Edgar(10), Herbert (6), and Charlotte Smith (visitor) and 2 boarders at Holdenhurst Road Christchurch

1881 Census - Henry (27) (lodger) (tranter) is living with his brother Walter (22) (coal merchant) and his wife Mary J (26) and child Sophia (2m) and other brother Edgar Rigler (20)(boarder)(plasterer) at Plamerston Road Christchurch 
RIGLER, Henry (I0378)
39 1861 Census - Job (40) Brickmaker living with wife HArriet (38) and Charlotte Hancock (36) (visitor), William Hancock (12), Alfred Hancock (7) (visitor), Charles Hancock (2) (visitor) and Elizabeth Rigler (neice) at Holdenhurst, Christchurch

1871 Census - Job (50) (brickmaker) living with wife Harriet (48) (laundress) and Jasper Gibbs (20) (Bricklayer) (nephew in law) and Elizabeth Gibbs (18) (neice) and Harriet (1) (great Neice) and Emily Fancy (11) (visitor) at the Village of East Howe, Kinson

1881 Census - Job(60) (General Labourer) living with wife Harriet (58) at East Howe, Kinson
GANDER, Job (I0334)
40 1861 Census - Samuel (21) (Baker) lodging with Benjamin Higgins and his family at Hill Street, St James Poole

1871 Census - Samuel (31) (master baker employing 1 boy) living with wife Ann (30) at Hill Street St James Poole

1881 Census - Samuel (41) Retired baker) living with his wife Ann (42) and their nephew William Rigler (13) at Ashley Cottage Kinson, Dorset 
CURE, Ebenezer Samuel (I0343)
41 1861 Census - Sarah Ann(4) is living with her mother Mary(34)(mariner's wife) and siblings Joseph Dickinson Casson(2), Mary(9) at 7 Carter Lane St Bees, Cumberland

1881 Census - Sarah(24) is living with her husband Thomas(25)(fisherman) and children Thomas A(2) and William(4 months) at Nile Court, Poole, St James Dorset

1891 Census - Sarah(34) is living with her husband Thomas(oyster dredger) and children Thomas(11), Harold(8), Mabel(6), Willie(4) and Florence(1) at Nile Court, Poole St James Dorset 
CASSON, Sarah Ann (I0108)
42 1861 Census - Thomas(36) living with his mother Elizabeth(62) (widow) and his siblings Julie(25), Henry (16) at East Howe Canford

1871 Census - Thomas "George T" (45)(bricklayer) living with his wife Hannah(37) and children James(8), William(4m) at 3 Mount Place Commercial Road Holdenhurst, Christchurch.

1891 Census - Thomas(65)(bricklayer) living with his wife Hannah(57) and son Frederick(20)(carpenter) at 2 Ardock Cottages Shelley Road Christchurch 
WHELLER, Thomas (I0398)
43 1861 Census - Walter(2) is living with his parents Edward(35)(ag lab) and Christiana(38) and siblings Sophia(15), William Edward(13), Harriet(10), Franis(8), Henry(7), Kate(3), Albert(3 months) at East Howe, Canford, Dorset (Edward's parents are living next door)

1871 Census - Walter(12) is living with his parents Edward(45)(labourer) and Christiana(47)(laundress) and siblings Sophia(25), Francis(18)(labourer), Henry(17)(labourer), Kate(13), Edgar(10), Herbert(6) and Charlotte Smith(visitor) and 2 boarders at Holdenhurst Road Christchurch

1881 Census - Walter(22)(coal merchant) living with wife Mary J(26) and children Sophia(2 months) and brothers Edgar Rigler(20)(boarder)(plasterer) anf Henry Rigler(27)(lodger)(tranter) at Palmerston Road Christchurch

1891 Census - Walter(32)(coal and corn dealer) living with his wife Mary J(36) and children Sophia(10), Harriet A(8), Walter(6), Afred(4), Francis(2) and Linian(1) anf brother Albert(36)(plasterer) and Lucy Cotts(16)(servant) at 22 Palmerston Road, Christchurch
RIGLER, Walter (I0381)
44 1861 Census - William (33)(brick maker) living with wife Matilda(29)(brick makers wife) living with children Emma Susan (6), Matilda(5), William (3), and Emily(1) at Bourne Bottom Canford Kinson Dorset

1881 Census - William(53) (genewral labourer) living with wife Matilda(50)(laundress) and children William (16), Edward(13), Wlater(11), Arthur(9), Emily(21) (laundress) and Lucy (5) at Kinson Dorset

1891 Census - William(64)(farmer) living with wife Matilda(60) (retired laundress) and children Walter(21)(general labourer), Arthur(19)(general labourer), and Lucy(15(Laundress), at 266 Branksome Road Kinson also living at the address are 2 servants William Babbetts(17)(carter) and Tom Bowers(20)Carter) 
FANCY, William Henry (I0388)
45 1861 Census - William(12) is a visitor at the home of his relations Job(40)(brick maker) and Harriet(38)(aunt) and Charlotte Hancock(36)(visitor)(William's mother) Alfred Hancock(7)(William's brother), Charles Hancock(2)(visitor)(William's brother) and Elizabeth Riglewr(8)(neice) at Holdenhurst, Christchurch

1871 Census - William(22)(baker) living with his parents James(48)(baker) and Charlotte(48) and brother Alfred(17) also Elizabeth Kamish(67)(grandmother) at West Street Poole

1881 Census - Wiliam(32)(porter at a mineral water works) living with his wife Agnes(31) and children Ernest G(6) and Edith M(1) also Mary C Hunt(23)(sister in law) at 22 Gladstone Terrace, St Marys, Southampton

1891 Census - William(42)(porter at Soda factory) living with wife Agnes(41) and children Ernest G(16) (assistant..........colour factory) and Edith(11) and Samuel G(15)(errand boy)(nephew) and Elizabeth Hunt(30)(boarder)(laundress) at 99 Northumberland Road, St Marys, Southampton

1901 Census - William(52)(living on his own means) living with his wife Agnes(51) and daughter Edith Mary(21)(piano-forte teacher - on her own account at home) and Eliza Hancock(23)(boarder) at 13 Little Lyon Street, St Marys, Southampton 
HANCOCK, William (I0367)
46 1861 Noted to be a stonemason on John Hallyburton's birth certificate

1868 Wife's death certificate notes Andrew is a Mason/Journeyman
Informant of wife's (Helen) death aged 31.
She died at 47 Caledonian Road Glasgow

1871 Andrew lives at 44 Camden Street Glasgow with children Andrew John Robert and Janet 9and Janet Bradwwod servant) He is a mason

He is still alive for his son John Halyburton Rae wedding in 1883 
RAE, Andrew (I0044)
47 1871 Census (REGLER) - Albert(9) is living with his mother Ann(48(head of household)(wife of seaman - merchant service- husband at sea) and siblings Thomas(22)(bricklayers journeyman) Robert(17)(bricklayers labourer), Albert(9) and John(7) living at Barbers Piles, St James Poole

1881 Census Albert(19)(bricklayer) living with his wife Mary(21) at Denmark Place Longfleet Poole

1901 Census Albert(39)(Plasterer and bricklayer) living with his wife Mary(42) and childrenAda(19), Wlater(17)(carpenter's apprentice),Elise(12),Dora(10), Daisy(7) and Glady(3)at Victoria Road Longfleet Poole 
RIGLER, Albert Cherrett (I0296)
48 1871 Census (REGLER) - John(7) is living with his mother Ann(48)(head of household)(wife of seaman - merchant service- husband at sea) and siblings Thomas(22)(bricklayers journeyman) Robert(17)(bricklayers labourer), Albert(9) and John(7) living at Barbers Piles, St James Poole

1881 Census John(17)(Bricklayer) living with parents Thomas(67)(bricklayer) and Ann at west Street, Poole,St James, Brother Frederick(23)(Bricklayer) Frederick's wife Emma(20) was also living with them.

1878 - 4th September to 4th September 1883 he was apprentice to George & Jesse Teare Builders -"to learn the art or trade of a bricklayer and plasterer serve for 5 years............ shall not play cards.....not frequent taverns, play houses, ale houses...not contracting matrimony, pay nine shillings per week."

1891 Census John(27)(bricklayer) living with his wife Sarah(29)and daughetr Ellen(9), Annie(8), Francis(7) Sarah(5) William(2) and Arthur(7 months at west Quay Road St James Poole

1901 Census John((37)(bricklayer - employer) (widower)living with his children Ellen(19)(domestic housekeeping)Francis(17)(bricklayer), Annie(18)(milliner -own account), Louisa(15)(drapers assistant), William(12), Arthur(10) George(9), Harold(7), Hubert(5) and Jessie(3) at West Street, St James, Poole 
RIGLER, John George (I0297)
49 1871 Census - Charles(4) is living with his parents George(35)(bricklayer abd Mart Ann(35) and siblings Emily(8), Horace(3), Owne S(1),and Bessie B(5 months) at Woodlands Kinson Dorset

1881 Census - Charles(14) is living with his parents George(45)(bricklayer) Mary Ann(45) and siblings Emily(18), Horace(13), Bessie B(10), Rosa S(8) at Headless Cross Lane Kinson, Dorset

1901 Census - Charles(36)(Master Builder - 0wn account) living with his wife Virtue(38) and children Reginald(10), Owen(8), Hilda(6), Mabel(4), Frank(3) at 26 Oakhurst Street Frome Somerset 
RIGLER, Charles (I0409)
50 1871 Census - Isabella(28)(servant) in the house of George and Emma Dean in Acton London

One world tree indicates that Isabella was married to John.... and had Charles 
RIGLER, Isabella (I0350)

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