Beatrice Lily Chapman (9th from left) around 1911

Welcome to the genealogy of the Pearces of Poole and related families. We hope that these pages are interesting and thought provoking. As youngsters we barely give family history a second thought but as time goes by we come to realise that our history is slipping away from us and that we should endeavour to cherish and keep the memories of our past. This site has been produced to gather together data and memories of our families so that future generations can can enjoy them too. Anyone can view the database but if you want to suggest additions or correct mistakes then please contact us via the site. This work is never complete and new information or corrections to our mistakes are always welcome. Alan Pearce

Feature Articles

feature 1 Thomas Hardy is part of our family. Read more about this important author and his relations

feature 2 Robert John Pearce was a well known character in the Pearce family. He was the Mace Bearer for the Mayor of Poole in 1926 and you can see his details here.

feature 3 Cockle Kate (Katherine Egg) would have been known to Robert Pearce in his capacity as a policeman. She had a very colourful past.

feature 4 John Masters is a famous past figure in Newfoundland, Canada. Although he is related to the Poole Pearces there is no link as yet to our branch but as this is such an interesting area I have included it here.

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